Homelessness Week 2022
August 2, 2022 3rd Space

Homelessness is a harsh reality for over 120,000 Australians who don’t have access to proper shelter each night, and that number is likely only a look at the whole picture. For every person you see in the streets, there are more couch surfing, sleeping in their car or residing in overcrowded dwellings. A lack of affordable and accessible housing and a volatile rental market has many Australians at risk of losing their homes.

There is some good news. The Federal Government has committed to making housing security a priority. This is the time to be vocal about the change we want to see, as individuals, local communities and ultimately as a nation.

What Is Homelessness Week?

Taking place in the first week of August, Homelessness Week sets out to raise awareness for the thousands of Australians who don’t have a safe place to call home. During this week, several national and local community events are run to raise funds and offer information on the importance of housing solutions in Australia.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Join the Everybody’s Home campaign. Everybody’s Home is asking for your support to make homes affordable for all by:

• Investing in a program to enable the delivery of 25,000 social and affordable housing properties per year; and

• Increasing Commonwealth Rent Assistance by at least 50 per cent

Many organisations and individuals have already signed the petition to raise support for solutions to homelessness. Click this link to learn more and join the growing list of Australians who want to see homelessness end.

Homelessness Week is an excellent opportunity to speak to your MP about homelessness and housing. Whether you make a phone call, write a letter or arrange a meeting with your MP, talking to your representative can be a highly effective way of getting homelessness and housing onto their agenda. Council to Homeless Persons has a guide on how to make contact with your MP, including how to prepare for, conduct and follow-up your communications.

You can also help raise awareness by using the #HW2022 hashtag and by following key organiser, Homelessness Australia, on Twitter.

How Can I Help Here and Now?

Every day of the week around one hundred individuals and families visit 3rd Space. Each person has their own story, talents and challenges. We work together to identify strengths, achieve goals and break the cycle of homelessness. If you want to take action at a local level, your donation to 3rd Space will provide immediate and longer term support to those who seek assistance from the centre.

For Homelessness Week, the 3rd Space team will be launching a fundraising initiative on our social media, so keep an eye out for ways to get involved.