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3rd Space helps one hundred people every day

Our home is the foundation of our wellbeing, safety and sense of belonging. Shelter is a basic human right. Yet, over 116,000 people experience homelessness on any given night in Australia. Behind the statistics lie real people facing unimaginable challenges, striving to find stability and security.

As winter approaches, the need for shelter becomes even more critical. Your donation can provide immediate relief to those in need, offering shelter during the day, food, and essential resources. And the impact of your contribution goes even further – individual and corporate donors may be eligible for tax deductions, maximizing the benefits of your generosity.

3rd Space helps over a hundred community members through the dignity of a hot shower, café style meals as well as access to medical, mental health, law, tenancy, employment, and other services. These services focus on breaking the cycle of homelessness and help vulnerable community members to rebuild their lives.

$50 can supply essential medical items, ensuring their health and well-being

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$100 can provide a week’s worth of nutritious meals for a family at risk of homelessness

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$200 may be enough to pay for rent arrears so that someone does not lose their home

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$500 could provide specialist support giving someone a fresh start in securing stable housing

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People right here in our neighbourhood need your help today. A gift of $50, $100, $200 or an incredible $500 gift will help ensure people experiencing homelessness who desperately need medical care, food or specialist support will get the support they need. This is a crucial time to take action against homelessness.This is a text block. Click the edit button to change this text.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We have a range of sponsorship options for companies looking to provide financial support to 3rd Space. Please contact the team at 07 3254 1144, or email to find out more.

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