3rd Space Brisbane is a day-time drop-in centre where people experiencing or at risk of homelessness find support, friendship and dignity. 3rd Space helps thousands of people every year through the dignity of a hot shower, café style meals as well as access to support workers, medical, mental health, law, tenancy, employment, financial support and other services. These services focus on breaking the cycle of homelessness.


our vision
is to break the cycle of homelessness

our mission
is to support people today and prepare them for tomorrow

our core values
are respect, persistence, integrity and dignity

3rd Space believes in meeting the needs of individuals and families in a respectful manner that empowers them to achieve their own goals.

At 3rd Space we form relationships, build trust and provide hope in a place of safety. Every person who comes to the centre has their own set of needs and their own story to tell.

Urban Sociologist, Ray Oldenburg, writes about the importance of informal gathering places as essential to community and public life. What third places offer, in contrast to first places (home) and second places (work), is a place to put aside concerns. Third places provide the foundation for a functioning democracy, promoting social equity, creating public association and offering psychological support. 3rd Space is one such place, being within the community for over 40 years.


Homelessness is a complex issue with many causes at the levels of society, systems and individual circumstances. Family and domestic violence, mental health concerns, lack of employment are just a few of these. The Australian Homelessness Monitor 2020 states that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are significantly over-represented with a rate of homelessness ten times the population-wide norm. The fastest growing cohort of homeless people overall is those aged over 65.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics defines a person as being homeless if they are:

  • Entirely without a home
  • Living in:
    • An improvised dwelling that is physically inadequate
    • Short-term or emergency accommodation
    • Temporary arrangements without security of tenure
    • Arrangements that do not allow for social relations.

3rd Space endorses the Housing First model that provides permanent independent housing with supports. This model has been demonstrated to increase the likelihood of ending rough sleeping and breaking the cycle of homelessness.