Susan’s Story

Susan’s Story
June 24, 2024 Carolina Francia

Trigger warning: this story includes references to violence

When Susan visited 3rd Space for the first time, she was facing several challenges. A single
mum with two teen children, she found herself alone with no support and no income. She
needed immediate support with food, material aid and linking to services. Her housing was
also at risk as her ex-husband refused to pay rent.
But Susan didn’t lose hope. Engaging with our team, she shared her story, how she was
deserted by her partner and the difficulties she was experiencing. She described feeling
overwhelmed and exhausted. The team was able to assist her self-determination journey, by
providing the tools and information to plan the next steps.
Susan identified her goals and worked towards them. The centre was able to offer some
short-term emergency financial relief to fill the pantry and feed the family. We linked her
into other local community support. In the meantime, Susan also registered with Services
Australia through a representative at 3rd Space to secure some income, which allowed her to
maintain her tenancy. With the team’s help, she made contact with a specialist organisation to
obtain information and support on domestic and family violence and was assisted with safety
planning. Throughout each appointment she talked more about the violence and abuse that
she had experienced with her husband, recognising this as unacceptable behaviour.
Susan was thankful for the support she received at the centre, which empowered her to get
back on her feet and once again take control of her life