Mark’s story

Mark’s story
June 24, 2024 Carolina Francia

Trigger warning: this story includes references to mental health

For over five years, Mark, a resilient veteran, has been accessing 3rd Space. His journey
embodies the spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Mark’s path has been marked by bouts of chronic homelessness, intertwined with a
patchy history within correctional services. Additionally, he carries the weight of a mental
health diagnosis, a challenge that has often made the road to stability seem barred to him.
Repeatedly turned away from accommodation due to his past, Mark didn’t lose hope.

Determined to turn the tide, Mark, approached our dedicated staff. He expressed a burning
desire to not only secure housing but also to find gainful employment, recognising that these
pillars are integral to a stable future. 3rd Space staff, understanding the depth of Mark’s
commitment, provided support in the community to navigate the complex terrain of housing
and employment.

Mark’s involvement in 3rd Space has evolved beyond that of a recipient of services. He has
become an integral part of our community, volunteering his time at the centre in the Visitor
Participation program. He has been helping with admin tasks, looking after the garden, and
generally lending a hand for the odd maintenance job. Through this initiative, Mark has found
purpose and camaraderie, turning his invaluable life experience into a force for positive

In his pursuit of a brighter future, Mark is actively working towards obtaining the Disability
Support Pension, a testament to his determination to break free from the chains of
homelessness. Each day, Mark embraces his role at 3rd Space with enthusiasm and
dedication, showcasing the transformative power of inclusion and community engagement.

Mark’s journey is a shining example of the impact that dedicated support and a nurturing
community can have on an individual’s life. At 3rd Space, we remain committed to walking
alongside those who access the centre on a pathway to a brighter tomorrow. By persevering
together, we are creating stories of resilience, hope, and triumph, one person at a time.