Jenny’s story

Jenny’s story
June 24, 2024 Carolina Francia

Trigger warning: this story includes references to violence

Jenny presented at 3rd Space for the first time to see the Anglicare Nurse. Her upper body,
arm, hand, and ear bore the physical scars of severe burns. Although her wounds had
received initial treatment at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, the bandages were
now dirty and peeling off, necessitating immediate attention.
As the nurse stepped forward to provide care, a 3rd Space team member stood beside her,
offering emotional support. Jenny’s pain was not only physical but also deeply emotional.
Jenny was not yet ready to share how she had obtained the scars. The nurse and support
practitioner recognised that respect meant honouring her silence and her wishes.
Respecting Jenny’s privacy, a volunteer receptionist discreetly prepared a fresh change
of clothes, while the chef cooked a warm meal. These simple gestures held profound
significance. They conveyed understanding, empathy, and the absence of judgment.
In the moments that followed, as the last bandage was secured, Jenny found the strength to
express her gratitude. With a voice that may have trembled but was unmistakably strong, she
thanked the team for treating her with respect.
As Jenny left 3rd Space that day, she carried not only freshly dressed wounds but also a
renewed sense of hope, empowered by the simple yet profound act of being seen, heard, and
respected in her time of need. In her journey, we find the true power of dignity and respect.