3rd Space Café

3rd Space Café provides a great environment for relaxing, replenishing and reconnecting, along with an opportunity to encourage wider Brisbane community involvement in 3rd Space activities. In addition to being a vibrant and welcoming space, the café offers healthy breakfasts and lunches, and Merlo coffee via trained baristas.

The unique 3rd Space Café offers attractive surroundings and:

  • Nutritionist-designed menu with healthy options, sensible portions and capacity to address particular dietary needs
  • Flexibility for visitors to order and pay for food and drinks at any time from 8.30am to 2.00pm daily
  • Front-counter area offering Merlo coffee, snack cabinet and takeaway
  • Table service providing a sense of dignity
  • Information on other services provided by 3rd Space and partners
  • Opportunity to host business and local community events at the café.

Why a Café

3rd Space Café introduces to Brisbane a cutting-edge approach already shown to have outstanding results in international centres. Not just a place to eat, the café is suitable for training and social-enterprise opportunities.

For visitors, 3rd Space Café promotes dignity, self-worth and social skills. For partner organisations and service providers, it promotes collaboration and respect. For the wider community, it builds resilience, compassion and strength.