The 3rd Space Team

The 3rd Space Team

The Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer

Lesley has extensive human-service expertise backed by qualifications in social work, business communication and management. Lesley has 40 years’ experience in homelessness, disability services, child protection, family support, domestic and family violence, physical, mental and child health and older persons’ programs. She has developed businesses, built teams and managed major projects in both government and non-government organisations. Lesley is committed to achieving outcomes for people and the broader society.



Food Services Manager

Monisha started as a volunteer at 3rd Space and is now managing the 3rd Space Café. She has an MBA, Masters of International Tourism and Hospitality, and an unrelenting drive to help people. Monisha leads the café team with a wealth of experience, creating a welcoming space for visitors at the café.



Services Manager

Caroline brings 30 years of experience in working with marginalised people along with a Bachelor of Law (Hons) and Master of Counselling. Caroline operates as a member of the Leadership Team, leads the Services Team and oversees visitor relations.



Operations Manager

Murray is an accomplished security supervisor who draws on more than 20 years’ of military, law-enforcement, facilities-services and customer-service experience to make sure 3rd Space is both welcoming and safe for visitors, volunteers and staff. 

The Services Team


Support Worker

Cathie is Social Worker with a range of experience in homelessness, mental health and domestic violence. She works from a person-centred framework and enjoys working with people to help them meet their goals and improve their quality of life.



Casual Support Worker

David has a Certificate III, volunteering experience, and is doing further studies in the Community Services sector. David is enthusiastic and passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals.



Volunteer Coordinator and Communications Officer

Starting at 3rd Space as a volunteer, Carolina is now the first point of contact for those who join the team in a voluntary capacity. She brings years of experience in community engagement and operations management in the non-for-profit sector, complemented by a Diploma in Community Services Work and a B.A. in Development Studies and International Relations.



Weekend Support Facilitator

With experience in community service, mental health and volunteering, Fay brings an holistic approach to her role as a Weekend Support Facilitator. She has worked with people of all ages with challenging behaviours and is passionate about supporting and encouraging visitors to succeed.



Emergency and Brief Intervention Facilitator

Katie has a range of Social Work experience within government and non-government organisations. Her background has led her to work with diverse populations both in Australia and overseas. She values being part of the 3rd Space team, providing the feeling of safety and sense of belonging to vulnerable community members.



Assertive Outreach Support Coordinator

Jade brings Diplomas in Community Services, Counselling, Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs to her outreach work with people in the community, helping them to attain their goals. The Outreach Program and broader 3rd Space services appreciate Jade’s compassionate nature and trauma-informed approach in her work.



Support Worker

Alby is a Weekend Support Worker with previous experience in the Australian Army and Department of Social Services. He has a Diploma in Community Services with a focus on Case Management and is currently studying to obtain his Master of Health Management. Alby brings his passion to help those experiencing or at risk of homelessness at both 3rd Space and Communify.

The Operations Team



Nick has 30 years of servicing Australian and international organisations, with extensive experience in investigations, security management, custodial welfare and crisis negotiations.




Paul has a successful history working in safety, security and training, including for Queensland Health where he gained valuable experience working with a diverse range of people.

The Food Services Team


Head Chef

As a qualified chef, Andy Lincoln delivers a menu that is nutritious and delicious. Andy supervises the volunteer kitchen team to produce high quality meals to sustain people who access the service.



Café Supervisor

Aya supervises operations at the 3rd Space Café on week days and keeps the team going through her warm personality. She is currently studying towards a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality.



Café Supervisor

Finna ensures the smooth running of the 3rd Space Café on weekends and supports the Food Services Team through her contribution to café operations and developing the skills of volunteers.


Weekend Chef

James has a successful background in culinary arts which allowed him to hold chef roles in the fine dining industry for 15 years. Now, he is the Weekend Chef and enjoys being part of the community in a meaningful way. In addition, he is studying biomedical science and psychology.



3rd Space is lucky to have some 150 volunteers who generously contribute their time to help people in Brisbane doing it tough. There are also many professionals and organisations that generously donate their time to 3rd Space. Thanks to all – we would be lost without you!