Jingle Chuck
December 18, 2016 3rd Space

Jingle Chuck

Published 18 December 2016

THANK YOU to everyone who supported 139 Club through supporting us through Christmas and Jingle Chuck, a wonderful initiative of Brisbane stylist Avra Velis.

Thanks to your wonderful generosity, we have helped empower homeless people and provided a much needed boost over Christmas. This is so often a difficult and lonely time for homeless people. We are so glad you helped to make it a brighter time for the many people who come here for a chance to relax, eat well, and enjoy companionship in a respectful environment.

We’ve had many, many donations, and we thank every one of you for making a homeless person’s life less bleak at Christmas time. In particular, our sincere thanks to SmallCo, Storage King, Sub 60, Epicentre and Consolidated Properties.

As a result of your generosity, we were able to provided a lovely sit down lunch for our clients on Friday 23 December and very welcome gifts of mobile phones, water bottles, sports t-shirts, umbrellas, and backpacks, overnight bags and bumbags. Finally, we were thrilled to receives truckloads of overwhelmingly beautiful Christmas decorations. We filled the larger bags with toiletries, cosmetics, chocolates and clothing to hand out at our special Christmas lunch.

Your generosity means we can now also upgrade some of our client equipment and facilities.
Thank you to the many volunteers, long term and new to the 139 Club, who helped pack the bags and gifts, decorate the 139 Club and provide kitchen, cleaning and table service for the Christmas lunch. And thank you to Avra and Paul Seils for your fabulous singing/guitar performance on the day.

We have so many people to thank, we really do appreciate your generosity:
– Chat Bandaranayake, Storage King
– Jane Howie, Sub 60
– Rob Hopkins, Smallco
– Sue White, Epicentre
– Paula Bellas, Consolidated Properties
– Manuela Whitford, Friends with Dignity
– Matt & Donna Carr and team, MC Solutions
– Truc Le, Hair Design
– Lachlan Demarchelier, Studio 235
– Eleanor Hughes, Abode Boutique
– Popsy Lamb, Gotta Go Boutique
– Hassam Bahrami, Look Smart Alterations
– Steve Grimes, IJS
– Smart Relationships Chermside office staff
– Demi Kefala, Sophia Cabrera, Nikita, Bev Greaney, Roslyn McMaster.

This has been a time of great generosity and true friendship for us all. We have some terrific plans to continue to bring relief and dignity to homeless people in 2017, starting with the launch of the 3rd Space Café in a few months time. Thank you for helping us start the year in such a positive way!