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In the lead up to the Women’s Economic Safety Summit and throughout Homelessness Week we are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to invest urgently in social housing to provide a safety net for women fleeing domestic violence.

Can you sign the petition calling on the Federal Government to take action now.

Sign the Petition

New Home Gift Registry

With a symbolic contribution, you can support someone moving into a new home.

3rd Space has helped hundreds of people moving into temporary and permanent housing. Help continue to provide support for people experiencing homelessness by donating today.

 $30 – Photo Frame       For the cost of a photo frame, you can contribute to the bigger picture
 $50 – Coffee  Maker      For the cost of basic appliance, you can help someone to wake up and start the day in their own home.
 $200 – Quilt                        For the price of a quilt, you can help someone keep safe and warm. It has been a cold winter.
 $500 – Refrigerator      For the cost of a fridge you can do more than just store food. You can cool fears and preserve hope.
 $ – Choose amount      Whether you are able to make a one digit or a five digit contribution, your support is priceless.