START RIGHT sponsors will have their company name on our website for a year, mentions on our Facebook page and a tailored employee-involvement program (if desired).


GUARDIANS will have their company logo on our website for one year, mentions on our Facebook page, tailored employee-involvement program, a 3rd Space media release about the sponsorship, company name listed in the new 3rd Space Café and one presentation by our talented CEO, Sara Harrup.


In addition to the Guardian benefits, CHAMPIONS will have their logo featured in 3rd Space Cafe, a team-building workshop at 3rd Space (including interaction with our visitors), as well as promotion at and two tickets to our annual fundraising event.


DIAMONDS will receive Champion benefits, along with another team-building workshop for 10 people and two tickets to 3rd Space’s annual Diamond Sponsor dinner featuring an inspiring guest speaker and menu designed by one of Brisbane’s most accomplished chefs.