Cats and dogs the secret to great communication
August 21, 2019 3rd Space

Cats and dogs the secret to great communication

Published 21 August 2019

Cats and dogs hold the secret to communicating effectively at work, says international expert Michael Grinder. Why and how will be explained at a two-day workshop at the Brisbane Club on 16 and 17 September 2019.

Grinder has worked with world leaders in interpersonal communication and has identified and proven the simple traits that help people understand each other. Mutual understanding is the vital ingredient for effective communication. Grinder says how to achieve this understanding can be easily mapped to the way cats and dogs behave.

“A cat is vitally interested in achieving their own agenda and getting things done quickly,” says Grinder. “Dogs will naturally take the time to get to know the personality and preferences of others, and then move on to agreeing how to set an objective and do the job.”

Grinder identifies key qualities that reveal the general preference of the person you are interacting with. Once explained, a new way to communicate becomes virtually automatic, resulting in easier discussions and greater success in reaching agreement.

Understanding the traits of “cat” and “dog” style communicators is just one of the unique and powerful insights that will be covered in the September workshop, Impactful Leadership and Influential Communication. Michael will present a system for influencing others using a series of tools that cover breath, eye contact, simple preparation of your intention and message and other very different, compelling ideas.

Michael has developed his approach after working closely with two giants in the field of communication, relationships expert Carl Roger, and the founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, John Grinder who is Michael’s brother.

The skills learned at this workshop can be used for personal relationships, at important events and at work.

Michael Grinder and the Impactful Leadership and Influential Communication workshop is being brought to Australia by The Leadership Foundation The fee for attending one day is $350 or $550 for both days. All proceeds will be donated to 3rd Space Brisbane, a drop-in centre in Fortitude Valley where homeless people and those doing it tough find practical support, friendship and dignity.

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Photo credit: Gellinger